Para Motoring

Para Motor is generally a 2-stroke engine and comes attached with a harness. Which connects you to the motor which in turns is clipped to a Para Glider.You can fly pretty much fuel you have.The Para Motor comes a single seater and also as a double requires only 10-15 yards to take off and can fly for upto 3 hours, on one fuel tank of 9 liters.
The SkyHawk Paragliding & Adventure Club offers two types of courses for Paramotoring in Pakistan.

1. Basic Para Motor Course (4 Days)

Pre-requisite is level three Advance course or sufficient Skill level attained in Paragliding.
   » Introduction to Equipment and Engine mechanics.
   » Ground Training with running Engine.
   » Simulator trainging on hanging Harness.
   » 02 Supervised Tke off and Landing.

2. Advance Para Motor Course (6 Days)

Pre-requisite is Basic Para Motor course or prior experience however the pilot's abolity & skill will be assessed before offering this course.
   » Independent Take off.
   » Alltitude gain and loss.
   » Flight Characteristics.
   » Touch and Go.
   » Introduction to engine maintenance and running.
   » Introduction to effect of Engine power versus Para Glider specification.
   » Upto 06 hour flight time..

Paragliding & Adventure Club's Activities


We offers Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Motorized gliding through trained pilots. Training courses for these sports are offered at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. For those who cannot commit a lot of time for learning but want to experience the thrill of flying. We offers scenic tandem flights from various sites.
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For Archery & Airgun we provides amateur shooters the chance to practice their marksmanship and learn the responsibility of safe shooting. All equipment and safety instruction is provided and the event can be booked by community groups or requested for special events
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For a day trip/picnic, it is an ideal place where you can enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, adventure, water sports, Skiing, angling, Spelunking, Night caving, Rock Climbing, Team Rappelling, Rap Jumping and watching migratory birds during winter.